Tri-Cut Swiss

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TRI-CUT SWISS™ is produced specifically for Swiss and other precision machine operations that demand bar stock with better than standard tolerances and attributes. Tri Star understands the unique needs of this industry segment that uses specialized machines to meet the increasingly complex part demands of their end users.

TRI-CUT SWISS™ has the superior machinability and consistency of all TRI-CUT products with the strictest standards for dimensional conformity.
TRI-CUT SWISS™ is distinguished by:

Available GRADES Size Range
303 TC SWISS 3/32″ – 1″
304/304L TC SWISS 3/32″ – 1″
316/316L TC SWISS 3/32″ – 1″
416 TC SWISS 3/32″ – 1″
  • ISO diameter tolerance j-9 (typically less than 1/2 of astm-a-484 standard)
  • Ovality (roundness) 1/3 of diameter tolerance
  • 1/2 commercial straightness 1/32″ in every 5′
  • 32 RMS finish
  • Chamfered bar ends
  • DFARS Compliant
  • Standard sizes and grades in stock – short lead time on specials
  • Other alloys can be made to TC SWISS dimensional standards
  • For application engineering questions contact your sales representative to schedule an appointment with a Tri Star metallurgist

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